Desert Golf Challenge
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Desert Golf Challenge

Because we have athletes ranging from low single-digit handicaps all the way up to the mid 20's, we follow the ever-so-simple USGA Handicap System. This allows us to equal the playing field and make it fair for everyone playing.

Every athlete MUST have a handicap... or we will assign one to you. Don't be that guy!

After 4 rounds, the lowest accumulative net low player will be crowned an overall champion. We will pay out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the overall (money payout is still TBD depending on entrees). We will also be paying out the net low winner, runner-up and closest-to-the-pin of the individual rounds as well.



Copper RockHurricane, Utah

7:00am -- This course is brand spankin new!! Set against a copper rockdesert landscape with breathtaking mountain vistas, thGolf Course extends an open invitation to an unforgettable experience. Offering 18 holes of challenging playis an adventurous rolling 6,823 yard layout with native sage, desert dunes, and copper mountains.



Sand HollowHurricane, Utah

7:03am -- Playing over, along, and through orange canyons and rock outcroppings at this desert course is a great experience and puts this course among the elite tracks in the state. The large greens and layout of the front nine isn't what you'll tell your friends about; it's the mind-blowing back nine that put Sand Hollow on the map. Holes 11-15 represent the finest five hole stretch in the state and one of the most dramatic stretches in the country. It includes a driveable par four, mind blowing par three, and a 525 yard par four that all play along the canyon rim.



Wolf CreekMesquite, Nevada

6:10am -- Wolf Creek Golf Club strives to deliver the ultimate golf experience to each and every guest. The detail of the striped emerald green fairway below, lined with brilliant white sand bunkers, you instantly know that Wolf Creek is a special place. As you navigate the elevation drops and wandering canyons, you wonder how they create this miraculous golf course, each hole unto its own. After finishing all eighteen holes, you are hard pressed to come up with just one signature hole and more often than not amazed with the picturesque beauty of the course rather than the score you shot.



Paiute WolfLas Vegas, Nevada

6:34am -- Howls at 7,604 total yards... Longest course in Nevada... Come take a bite. The newest and most difficult, also known as the signature course, leads the pack but golfers can temper the challenge with its five tee options. The most difficult layout at The Paiute also holds the record as the longest course in Nevada. Marrying remarkable length with raw beauty, the course is infamous for its severe undulations, alternate landing areas, and a stunning 15th hole island green.


The Players

Kelly 'KK' Kraushaar

The only 2-time winner in the field, this ultra-competitive single digit handicapper is hungry to go back-to-back. With the Jaws of Life you may be able to pry into that wallet of his.

Kenny "The Worm" Means

This St. Georgian transplant and proud holder of the "2018 and 2019 Poopy Trophy," has been on a solid bowflex regimen and hits multiple buckets a day. Worm has a lethal shortgame but has yet to see the podium. The "Worm" dwells at an 11HCP.

Bob "Shlaudy" Shlaudeman

Still beaming over a victory in the 2015 HB City Surf Contest, this feisty 60 year old is ready to drive for show and putt for dough. If the power fade is working off the tee, and he's not playing a glowball, watch out for this 15-HCP threat!

Jon "Draw Draw" Suzuki

With a 3-wood like Henrik Stenson, Draw Draw effortlessly pures balls deep from right to left. If he leaves his driver in the bag and can dispose of those chipping yips, Mr. Suzuki could have his name on the cup.

Michael "The Miracle" Malchak

The "Miracle" seems to make big putts when he needs too, and with the weather in his favor he should be able to leave his glove warmers at home. Currently looking to change his game around after a spiraling index coming in. If the driver cooperates, he could find his name on the trophy.

Justin "Red Numbers" Reding

This son of bitch wiped his ass with the field last time we were in this neck of the woods. YUUUGE target on his back this year!! Rumor has it, homeslice used his 2018 winnings on a golf simulator in his garage. Hmmm? 🤔

Chris "AlbaNasty" Albanese

At age 12, Chris escaped a life of running cigarettes and illegal fireworks by becoming a star in Green Bay’s underground mini golf sewer scene. The only “golfer” to win four national championships and an adult film award, which is not to say this rough-hewn heartthrob doesn't have a softer side.  If you ain’t first…. your last!!

Ryan "Pow Pow" Hoover

So named due to his complete and total dependence on baby powder. Said powder is applied liberally to his fellas in copious amounts at the slightest hint of perspiration, so he better pack an extra for the desert. New clubs, new problems.

Gavin "Silverback" Gates

Recently relocating to foothills of the Colorado Rockies, “The Silverback” has been enjoying the extra distance while playing in the higher elevations of Northern Colorado. The big question is can he get his putter to cooperate?

Kirk "K-jam" Jameson

This California valley boy regularly plays golf for money and thinks he can slip in as a rookie and rattle some feathers. Will this scratch golfer be holding the trophy on Monday, or left scratching his head?

Corey "Roosternuts" Jenson

Grandson of World Middle weight champion boxer Gene Fullemer. Roosternuts comes in with our highest handicap this year with a 21 and when connected can send drive into orbit as long as it doesn’t take a sudden right turn.😂

Jim "Mad Dog" Mullin

California transplant, retired and being a good son taking care of his mom. Currently sitting about a 9 handicap.

Torye "Torpedo" Schenk

Carrying a 9 handicap. Works as Pharmaceutical rep and owns a small golf manufacturing company. Putters!  

Todd "Bebout" Bebout

The man, the myth, the legend. Supposedly, 190 down the middle every time and a great putter.

Chris "Gator" Gates

Chris Gates recently moved to southern Utah from Salt Lake City, UT. He carries a 12 handicap and is a member of Team Titleist. Construction Manager when he ain't golfing.

Eric "Grampa" Alden

Though Grampa is admittedly getting tired, he will rely on his innate ability to scramble from the rough after every errant tee shot. If he can remember what he should be doing he will be victorious in not taking home “The Poopie”.


> > > > >
Player Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total Score
Justin Reding (hcp 11) -8 +1 -2 +8 --
Torye Schenk (hcp 9) -6 -3 +6 +6 --
Kirk Jameson (hcp +2) +3 +2 +2 +20 --
Ryan Hoover (hcp 10) +5 +6 +6 +11 --
Bob Shlaudeman (hcp 15) +12 +7 +6 +5 --
Jon Suzuki (hcp 12) -1 13 +7 +17 --
Michael Malchak (hcp 11) +4 0 +11 +22 --
Chris Gates (hcp 12) +16 +8 0 +14 --
Kelly Kraushaar (hcp 6) +6 +9 +12 +15 --
Kenny Means (hcp 10) +8 +9 +5 +20 --
Jim Mullin (hcp 9) +9 +7 +14 +19 --
Corey Jensen (hcp 18) -1 +10 +13 +31 --
Todd Bebout (hcp 14) +26 +6 +6 +16 --
Chris Albanese (hcp 18) +8 +15 +16 +17 --